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A note from St Ives

Last weekend the great "Spot the Artist" event took place in St Ives. This event is organised primarily to create funds for the local Rotary Club's chosen charities.

"We had a very enjoyable time this weekend at the 'Spot the Artist' event. Rotary was well

supported by members of the public. On Saturday morning some enthusiasts had started to

queue outside the Studio almost 24 hours before the beginning of the sale, subsequently braving

the overnight rain.

About 270 generous artists had given us over 360 artworks of a very impressive standard

and very wide variety, all of which were sold with the exception of only six pieces. I am pleased to

confirm that your lovely collage ‘Landscape through Window’ was sold early in

the proceedings. ...

The total raised on Sunday was more than £13,750, which is a record for the event. ... One half of the proceeds will, as usual, be given to local arts charities and organisations, with the remainder going to

Rotary charities and good causes. A very big Thank You is due to you and to your fellow

contributors for making this event so successful and such good fun for all involved.

We plan to repeat 'Spot the Artist' during the St Ives September Festival of 2018 and I do hope

that you will be kind enough to support us again next year.

Thank you again so much for supporting 'Spot the Artist'.

My very best wishes,


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