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The Crowd Control series

The Crowd Control series: 'Interaction' is a mono print made with a lino block. What is missing are more fish from the shoal...

'Me' is from the Crowd Control. Adding an extra layer of interest (in Me ;), with the shadow-play...

'In conversation' with 'God is a Big Word'... I give you the building blocks, you create your story: a collaboration between artist and collector.

Look into the space: tried to arrange the works to be viewed primarily from the street and still retaining the feel of a gallery experience by playing with the space's dept.

'Little Calm No.1 & 2 are designed to go on your mantlepiece... Acrylic and ink on hand made paper

'Crowding', and (or around?) the 'Whistleblower'. Another two of those building blocks...

'Crowd Control' speaks for itself.

'A Brew' - an ink drawing from the set 'At the Gallery', actually drawn during a "vigilanting"...

'Sashimi' is a mixed media work, with an up-cycled plastic soy container that came with a sushi dish. The background is a pastel work.

'Wave' - an acrylic and ink work with some missing fish... I use the symbolised fish shape to keep reminding ourselves of the danger plastic pollution and global warming brings...

The Tate 17 series: photos taken of the Tate Modern's hoarding are the background of these. A digital artwork then is incorporated, much like a screen print or lino cut. My first set of digitally manipulated photos that were printed as real photographs.

40 op. 1 and 2 are screen print based mono prints. My first time to combine photographs, manipulate them and turn them into a screen print (all manually this time!). Then finishing them with acrylic, pencil and ink.

'Equilibrium I' - an abstract, ink on hand made paper, also a work made during a gallery "sitting", inspired by some good old jazz...

'Equilibrium III' - is SOLD

Two sets of mounted work: a pigment-pen set of abstracts are on black paper and actually there are 4 of them: 'Serpentine', 'Composition in Green', 'Sigh-Flower with Bird', and 'Orange Composition'

Small works on paper and the 'Abstract Parakeets': ink and pencil on paper, with epoxy resin to give them a tile like sheen and protection.

The colourful set of 'Letters from Home' are pastels on hand made paper, suspended between two sheets of glass.

'Distance' is a pastel and ink work on rough, hand made paper. It has a deep mount.

Incredibly delicate ink and gouache works on paper. Inspired by a trip to Jersey some years ago.

'Still Life'


'Girl at Night'

To see the works in real and to purchase, you need to contact me to arrange a 'pick-up date' at the gallery, where I can also take card payments. Good news, that the exhibition is extended until the 21 Feb!

COMMISSIONING is possible. You send me a digital version of the photograph (it can even be a mobile shot), and we will discuss what your preference is.

The digitally manipulated artwork can be printed on photo paper, as a giclee print on paper (hand finished or cut), even on canvas.

I have a lot of those small photos some are more than 100 years old! I'd love to display them, but it worries me they will deteriorate faster, if they are exposed to sun (and children). They size is also an issue.

So I took copies of them, and started to experiment with digital montage. These are my experimental prints, fresh from the digital lab. I think the idea does work very well: I managed to keep the essence and atmosphere of these photos whilst lending them the grandeur of a centre piece, with not much limit on size.

You can have one commissioned, and we can print enough to give a copy to your nearest and dearest, in different sizes and finishes as well.

'Three Wheeler' - with the original photograph (from the 50's)

A carefully arranged set from the 60's: a bit too dark, and tiny... again one of my trial pieces.

ORSI: WORKS ON PAPER | 2-14 February 2021 | The Fountain Gallery 

26 Bridge Road | East Molesey | KT8 9HA | NOT OPEN FOR CASUAL VISITS AT THIS TIME |

The gallery is located just across the bridge from Hampton Court Palace, in a delightful shopping street famous for its cafés, restaurants, antique shops and boutiques. Free parking on local roads and Bridge Road after 9.30am (max. 3 hours). ‘Pay & display’ parking in Hampton Court train station’s car park, 4 minutes walk away.

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