Now available from the Society of Women Artists' website

Two of my paintings are available to buy from the Society of Women Artists' website. It is trial, to sell the paintings that were selected by a panel and were exhibited in the Mall Galleries in 2016. The two paintings are: Troubled Waters, Hazy Shore | 75x55cm, framed | acrylic on linen Seven Sisters, Three Men and a Boat | 75x55cm, framed | acrylic on linen

How open is an Open Exhibition?

From award winning art blogger, Katherine Tyrrell's 'MAKING A MARK' : "Below I take a look at "how open is open" and explain why I'll be counting and changing my reviews of open art exhibitions in 2017. View of an open art exhibition at the Mall Galleries Reviewing "how open is open?" - an innovation for 2017 The purpose of an open entry The open entry to an annual exhibition organised by an art society provides: the art society with its life blood of future members. a stimulus to some 'resting' members to raise their game a venue for emerging artists to raise the profile of their art and interest both galleries and art collectors What an open entry art exhibition is not The open entry is N

Lake Balaton, Hungary

"2016 december 30-án különleges dolgok történtek a vízparton." Surprising phenomenon at the beach of Lake Balaton. Filmed by B. Kovacs Dr. in 30/12/2016

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