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Orsi_Cowell-Lehoczky_Venus of Milo_120x1

Venus of Milo

My 2nd work in the "Venus" series is focusing on the

relationships between society, environment and the

individual. The perception of a female body paralleled with their environment; the way individuals and their

surroundings are treated in the context of culture(s) and

history. A tendency I describe as ‘controlling’ rather than

‘with respect’.

The title refers to the ancient marble statue of Venus of Milo - the Greek goddess of fertility, love, and beauty: Aphrodite. The body in this painting is distorted: By a willpower, that is able to counteract natural instinct; to achieve a conceived image of perfection, or indeed to demonstrate control. The ultimate protest is in self destruction. With this thought I honour the Suffragettes who went on hunger-strike to prove their point. Even if it was deemed necessary, this extreme control is as unnatural as our pursuit for the perfectly shaped, organised or designed environment of the 21st century... And just as damaging.


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