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Orsi_Cowell-Lehoczky_Venus of Willendorf

Venus of Willendorf (Wildfire)

Venus of Willendorf is a painting that relates to deforestation and wildfires, but also reflects on the people whose livelihood depends on the very same forests - as nothing is 'that' simple. Here I am expressing my concern about the utter disrespect for our environment. I wonder what our ancestors would have thought about this brutal rape of the earth... By depicting a bleeding Venus of Willendorf, I juxtapose the present with an era with very different attitudes.

The figurine was found in an Austrian village and was made in about 28 000-25 000 BC, the Old Stone Age, and it is my favourite Venus figurine. I recall,

with ancient artefacts, a very different mindset about a

woman’s body and their place in society. I also meant to

give a nod to people who commemorated the centenary of the Suffragettes’ winning votes for women in 2018.

#plasticpollution / deforesting

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