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158th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Women Artists at

the Mall Galleries, London

 24-29 September 2019

 The Mall, London SW1 

Opening hours

Daily, 10am to 5pm during exhibitions (unless otherwise stated), including Bank Holidays. Many exhibitions close early on the final day, please check details for each exhibition.


"All That's Degraded & All That Won't Degrade" 

The Venus of Willendorf (Wildfire) - oil on canvas and Cabinet of Curiosities - a mixed media paper collage with plastic straws and a recycled wooden frame.

"All that's degraded & all that won't degrade" is a twist on the non-degradable plastic pollution theme, where  I am putting the plastic straw in parallel with the remains of the tree trunks left behind on a de-forested, burnt out area of the jungle, pointing out the complexity of our impact on this word. I am also exploring the wider meaning of the expression "degrade" in terms of art forms and the value-system we have created around artworks (without putting a shark in formaldehyde - and not just because I can't afford it  ;), and  how it has changed over the years.

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