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Split I & II

The double-headed eagle is an ancient Christian symbol that is only used by the Orthodox Churches nowadays. It symbolises power under the guidance of the Holy Lord and Gospel Truths. This symbol is also associated with the concept of an Empire. It reappeared in the Grand Duchy of Moscow and continued its presence in Russian heraldry until its removal during the Russian Revolution in 1917. It was re-established in 1993 and remains in use (although the eagle on the present coat of arms is golden rather than the imperial black). 

The Cup of Salvation is also a Christian religious symbol; Bombs do not symbolise anything other than incomprehensible destruction. 


Life turns into a bloody mess in a split second. 


(This was the first of the three “Ukraine” paintings presented here and one of the fastest finished acrylic I have ever made: sped by disbelief, anger, confusion and sorrow. Not really planned, from my gut, so to speak... and it was finished in just 5 “sittings”.)

I dedicated this work to my friend and fellow artist Nataliya Zozulya, whose elderly parents stayed to live in Kyiv.

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