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Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky_The Wrong Way - Around_acrylic_50x50_2021 .jpg

The Wrong Way : Around

This work is a mind-sea-scape, created during the second year of the Covid pandemic: an era of confinement, reflecting, and when things started to fall in place for me.


I allowed my mind wander, as if floating in and out of consciousness: at peace with one's mind, and not being afraid of the findings of this meandering freedom. (Thus avoiding downward spiralling thoughts, that only lead to an endlessly circling, self- and re-generated, conscious grief: the wrong way around, surely.)

This work is very much like a musical composition: you don't have to know what the piece is about, you enjoy the harmonies according to your state of mind in the given moment... You may pick the piece into its elements and enjoy the discovery of yet another thrilling detail, or just float away on the back of a swell that is the complex impression each note adds up to.


My point is here that "depicting" or "meaning" is not necessarily the only purpose for a visual artwork - an idea I am just starting to explore in my (more) abstract works: That there are more ways to evoke complex feelings than recite metaphors, drawing parallels, trigger memories... (Can you actually avoid triggering memories to generate a feeling? What is it one really wants to achieve with an artwork of this kind anyway?!  Boy, this is another slippery slope!) One thing is certain: you can look at this work any way you want it.

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