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Cowell-Lehoczky_Orsi_Blind Eye - Monumen

Blind Eye

Blind Eye is a diptych that comprises of two framed collages cut from prints of bigger original paintings. The frames incorporate up-cycled plastic pieces.

One of them is titled ‘Monument’ where the painted plastic fish-containers positioned - not unlike great statues of historical importance - over the countryside that is very obviously missing the fish... The mockery there is clear, as the work itself is small, only 24 cm square: No real attention is given to the environmental issues in governmental level at the moment, it seems.

The other picture titled ‘Last Straw’. Here the background is hardly visible (a collage made using the print of  ‘Wildfire’ by the way), hidden behind a stack of plastic straws, a reflection on the title: Blind Eye.  These works can be positioned on the wall (my preferable way to display them), but also are able to stand on their own, on a plinth, if needed. I would like to bring the environmental message to eye level, so to speak,  forcing the observer to look at the issues.

#plasticpollution #oceancleanup

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