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Orsi_Cowell_Lehoczky_Seaside Godess_ 65x

Another Kind of Armageddon (Seaside Goddess)

This triptych is meant to be a warning about accumulating plastic pollution in our oceans. I was concerned before, but in January, 2017 I read about the magnitude of the problem in the Focus Magazine. An article claimed that, without acting, the plastic waste in the seas could outweigh the fish by 2050. I was shocked, saddened and infuriated. I was wondering that we have 33 years to act: coincidentally as many years as Jesus had in earth, according to the Bible. Not a very long time, my daughter will be as old as I am now by then. So I used her toddler-scribbles: indicating the passage of time and emphasising the vision-like depiction of a

doomsday scenario - not unlike works from Hieronymus Bosch. 2.5 billion people rely on fish as major source of protein - one third of the population - the decline in fish numbers may well bring widespread famine... What a legacy to leave. A sadly everyday, cheap and superficial Armageddon. A stupid way to demise: covered with shiny pieces of everlasting plastic, suffocating it all. 


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